Do you dream of a decluttered home… but get overwhelmed the second you start trying to make it happen?

You’re busy. Your kids are busy. And it feels like your home is a tornado of activity, laundry, toys, and backpacks…

Even though your home may look clean… the closets, drawers, and bins are bursting at the seams. Sometimes, you can’t even bring yourself to look too closely at what’s inside.

But you dream of having a decluttered home. You can’t wait for the day that everything has a place — and you’re finally able to manage the clutter without needing to devote a whole week to the project.

You want to feel in control of your family’s stuff, and to find a place for each item that makes sense for your kids, spouse, and even your pets. Mostly, you want everyone in your home to feel empowered to help keep things tidy, so it’s not all on you.

It’s time to find a PRACTICAL way to declutter your home — and keep it that way.

Join the Challenge Today!

Room by room.
Cabinet by cabinet.
Drawer by drawer.
Day after day.
No overwhelm. No rage-fueled trips to the Goodwill.

That’s why I created this FREE 3-day Drama-Free Declutter Challenge.


During these three days, we will cover the three most dreaded (and most cluttered) areas of a home:

Day 1: 🔧 The junk drawer. 

We’ll discuss why we all have that embarrassing junk drawer, how we can work through it, and how to find new homes for all those loose items so the junk never finds its way back.

Day 2: ✉️ The “temporary” paper station. 

This is the place where your mail, report cards, and neighborhood flyers seem to reside. You’ll learn how to process through paper and mail and what to do with each new piece that comes in so you don’t have a huge pile again next week.

Day 3: 🏠 Individual rooms. 

Knowing which rooms or areas of your home to tackle first can lead to overwhelm that prevents us from even starting. Get the room-by-room action plan you need, as well as a checklist to help you address each area of the room.

This is the decluttering framework I actually use with my professional organizing clients, and I’m bringing it to YOU so you can stop feeling tense or guilty every time you see that cluttered kitchen counter or laundry room.

You don’t have to be a professional to have a clutter-free home

My name is Jessica and I am the mama behind The Organized Mama,’s organizing and DIY expert!

At The Organized Mama, my mission is making every day more enjoyable with practical organizing, decorating, + DIY tutorials to maintain order in your home.

I know that maintaining order can be a sanity-saver when things get chaotic. I know that when there are piles of clutter, your anxiety levels can go sky-high. I have been there when your world feels completely chaotic because your home isn’t organized.⁠ I know that when you spend countless hours creating order in your home, only to have that order destroyed in .05 seconds, it’s super discouraging.

So that is why I am here to help you get organized and create lasting order in your home. With this free 3-day challenge, my hope is that you get an actionable plan that is easy to implement and keep going.


3 days to a less cluttered home — and finally feeling like you’re in control!

This 3-day Drama-Free Declutter Challenge includes:

  • 3 LIVE trainings, breaking down the three trouble spots: the junk drawer, the mail spot, and your room-by-room plan
  • 1 checklist for junk drawer relief
  • 1 checklist to sort and prevent the paper pile-up 
  • 1 room planner PDF and checklist. 
  • A private Facebook community of other mamas who dream of a decluttered home, too. 
  • A giveaway for mamas who complete all three days of the challenge (you’ll have to join to find out what I’m giving away — but it’s pretty amazing!) 

From January 18th to January 22nd, I walk you through the three decluttering zones, offer my expert insights into creating routines for daily decluttering, and help you finally feel in control!